Wedding of Naomi & Gus – 7th November 2009

A little while back we shot a great wedding at Aanuka Beach Resort. It was held in the chapel on site at the resort and it was destined to be a great day. Plenty of prayer from their local church and families saw the day come and go as a perfect memory, a memory that we were privileged to capture. I say this as it did try to rain but that only made for better photos =) So from all points it was a perfect wedding. We had heaps of time following the ceremony to get in loads of locations. Our main destination was Bellingen. Yes thats a bit of a hike but worth it in the end. And we still got them back in time for their reception.

Naomi and Gus it was great to be a part of your special day hope you love the pics =)

To all those who stumble across this posting if you wish to leave a comment then please do so at the bottom of their pics =)

These girls just couldn’t stop laughing =)

I had the idea for this shot earlier in the week and when I saw the girls dresses I knew I had to try it =)

A random pic on the way to another location. I think its a bit quirky but it works.

  • Lauren Mckay - Scott, you did such a fantastic job on these photos!! Gus and Nomi look amazing. You really did the day alot of justice. Thanks so much. Was wondering if you could send me a copy of these pics?
    Thanks heaps bro, Lauren mckay. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • grace - i love them …it was so much fun 🙂ReplyCancel

  • THE GROOM! - Where’s my leg in the 2nd last photo? I’m a pirate!ReplyCancel

    • scott - No you’re not a pirate =) you just look like a pirate =) ArrrrrrrhhhhReplyCancel

  • Shell - oooohhhhh I really like!! There was a real relaxed sense of fun and adventure capsured in the shots. Beautiful and modern. Guys, you looked awesome..Scott, you clever man! (oops, not that he had to try that hard to make you look awesome!)ReplyCancel

  • Adam Cavanagh - Really cool work. Love your post work here.ReplyCancel

  • Joann - Hi – as you say, I happened to “stumble across” your website and I was checking out your pictures…. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your talent. You have a unique way of seeing things, and you capture their expressions beautifully. I only wish I could take pictures like that!

    Happy New Year.ReplyCancel

    • scott - Thanks Joann =) I love doing what I do and I always hope that it comes out through each image… ThanksReplyCancel

  • Karla - Stunning photos for 2 beautiful people, it was such a gorgeous wedding :o)ReplyCancel

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