Engagement Shoot @ Valla NSW – Sam & Bonnie

What a great location to go and catch up with your clients. Rocking up to the family macadamia farm was amazing. 1000 macadamia trees and its been a family run business for over 35 years. It was amazing talking to Sam and Bonnie with Sam telling stories of him helping his dad Bob plant some of these trees many years ago. Looking at them now as massive beautiful macadamia trees it sort of makes you feel a sense of pride. It was also nice to see another family who love the Volkswagen badge with every car on the property sporting the badge.

We had a nice walk around the property getting shots here and there. No need to go anywhere else for photos when you have such an awesome place in your backyard. Sam and Bonnie are now living in Newcastle with their wedding to held in Bonnie’s home town at Crescent Head NSW. I am really looking forward to getting down there in March to document their beautiful day committing themselves as Husband and Wife.

Here a just a few from yesterdays shoot =) I even got to meet little Pepper there scruffy little dog =)