Wedding of Kate and Luke

Kate and Luke have a beautiful bond that started in their early years as young teenagers. As the years progressed life for each other was built elsewere and then through life’s circumstances their paths crossed once again and not willing to let it go a second time followed that feeling to see what may come. It was true love for these two beautiful humans and with our times of COVID pushed through so they could become man and wife and begin this future together as one. It was not the most ideal weather as there were some last minute changes of dates as the the Queensland family were almost locked out from the border close. In the midst of the rain and the fact the wedding was all outdoors, they embraced it and Kate walzted down the aisle to her man in waiting. Guests capped and social distancing enforced through the numerous umbrellas gave for a very intimate and beautiful ceremony. Each of Kate’s six kids participating in cermonial duties. It truly did bring a tear to my eye. You see I have know Kate for 16 years now since I began loving Jesus through LifeHouse Church. I have served along side of Kate in worship and I too was super exciting to see her and Luke tie the knot. As the afternoon progressed into our photoshoot we didnt let the rain bother us, we had our umbrellas and headed for some great spots. It takes a bit of convincing sometimes that it will be ok even in the rain. When we returned to reception it was a very warm and close connections gathering as COVID rules go. Some truly beautiful speeches and finished off with the rain stopping enough to enjoy their first dance outside under the fairy lights in their garden with friends and family cheering on =) Congrats guys and have the blessed life togther =)